Individual Sessions

Healing, Transformation and Spiritual evolution is a privilege, not a sign of personal flaw.

The consciousness that creates life, nudges us to joyfully claim our destiny. The question is how do we harness its power?

Thankfully we are at the threshold of a global transformation, where our individual, familial and collective shadows are undeniably pushed to the surface, demanding our urgent attention. We are no longer okay with personal or collective suffering; we are no longer okay with separation between our humanity and spirituality; and we are no longer okay repeating historical patterns of oppression and injustice. The collective is weaving a dream of love, inclusion, respect and harmony. To be part of that solution we have to do our personal work as well.

In an individual session, we will open the portal to higher consciousness and unpack the mysteries behind our shadows, suffering, resources and gifts. When the roots of these hidden forces are acknowledged, the symptoms automatically fall away, unlocking the full expression of the Source that we are.

Common Issues explored in Personal Sessions 

Personal Issues

Developmental deficits; persistent negative feelings; blocked free will; destructive impulses; feeling stuck; lack of self-love; unworthiness; guilt; shame; anger; depression; grief; procrastination; obesity or underweight; heart closed to love…

Familial Issues

Difficult relationships with parents, children or siblings; marital conflicts; lack of peace in family; experiencing similar relationship issues like your parents; divorce; persistent singlehood; unprocessed loss due to deaths, murders or separation…

Professional and Financial Issues

Persistent failures; recurring harmful financial decisions; recurring financial loss; unable to hold a job; difficult relationship with authority or supervisor; lack of voice; lack of personal power; fear of entrepreneurship…

Social Issues

History of patriarchy, racism, slavery, privilege, oppression, colonization and immigration in your lineage and its unique impact on your life. Feeling disconnected to the roots and wisdom of your land and ancestors; feeling trapped in your unique cultural factors…

Life Purpose Issues

Lack of courage when paving a brand new path; feeling out of place; feeling a lack of purpose; living your family’s desires; confusion about what you really want; creativity blocks; lack of engagement with life; feeling a lack of possibilities; difficulty bringing your gifts to the world…

Spiritual Issues

Lack of intuition; burdened empath self; absorbing outside energies; difficulty in receiving the support of your Spiritual Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Universal Laws and the web of resources around us; need clarity about Soul’s evolutionary desires; lack of connection with your internal Guru…


Personal Session

  • Energy Healing or Counseling session, lasts 60 – 80 mins

Ancestral Healing Package

  • In depth check, lasts 60 -90 minutes.
  • Systemic Constellation, lasts 2 – 3 hours
  • Post constellation follow up, lasts 60 minutes

Sessions are held in person, over Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Phone. Sessions usually go for a minimum of 90 mins and first sessions will be longer.



What can I expect during an Individual session?
The first and foremost thing to expect in a session is that you will feel safe and respected and your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. We will begin the session by a detailed check-in, followed by an intuitive tune in, unpacking the hidden roots underlying your situation and then the required healing for forward movements. Often I will make some suggestions in terms of rituals, actions, prayer or readings to play with in your own time.
What should I do to prepare for my session?
Drink plenty of water, as it is important to be fully hydrated. It is important to be clear on the issue you want to heal and equally important to tune into your desired final outcome. If you have an idea of how your challenge is serving you or what you’re learning as a result of it, it will rapidly accelerate the pace of your session. If you are coming in for your first session, then please be prepared to answer some information about your family, ancestral line of origin, history of your birth country and your unique cultural guidelines. The sessions where I have researched all this information, written my intentions on a piece of paper and said a prayer asking the higher dimensions for support in making it happen, were nothing short of a miracle for me.
Is an Individual session done in person or over the phone?
An individual session can be done in Person or over the Phone/Skype/Zoom/FaceTime. Some folks prefer to do the first session in person or some sort of video connection.
How many sessions will I need?
The amount of sessions needed will vary depending upon the situation and your own personal growth. Certain situations are more complex and will need multiple journeys to unpack all the different threads. At any given time your psyche will reveal only what can be handled. My suggestion would be to give some space between sessions to integrate the revelations and transformations in your tangible life. I would also suggest an attitude of gratitude when life reveals deeper threads to liberate. Spiritual evolution is a privilege, not a sign of burden or personal flaw. Personally I am vested in your ability to connect with your own internal Guru. So I will share as many relevant resources and suggestions. Doing your own work will reduce the no of sessions you will need.
When do you not charge for a session?
In the light of all the happenings in the world, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are a refugee or dealing with a humanitarian crisis. If you get a feeling that I can help you, then I will do everything in my power to help you shift your issue. While energy exchange is extremely important to balance our karmic equation, we can do an exchange in the currency of love. I will also request that you pay it forward to someone else in need to keep the Flame of Love alive in this world. Please keep in mind that this kind of offering will be made honoring the sense of balance for my own life.